The Model of a Perfect Mother

child_girl_person_mother_motherhood_67599_1920x1080When it comes to families, mothers are the favorite among all the members. Whether this mother is strict and gives all the “NO’s” in your home, she is still the only person everyone runs to when something goes wrong. Being a mother is a very tricky responsibility. You need to be strong yet you need to be sensitive to their needs and emotions. Motherhood is not just a simple dare which you have to take but then give up in the mid-part because the dare is just too much.

Beautiful Mother And Baby outdoors. Nature. Beauty Mum and her CThere are so many things you need to take care of when you are a mother. If you have more than one child, the responsibilities doubles. A lot of women dreams of being a mother, while some are suddenly made one though they are not ready. The responsibilities of motherhood starts from the day they they become pregnant. Pregnancy is a very complicated and risky situation. Physically, a woman’s body change and everything else changes as well. There may be clinics to prepare them but when the day comes their baby comes out, nobody can prepare them with the pain they are about to experience.

mother2007014Nine months of carrying a child inside their body is already a very uncomfortable state to be in. When the child decides to come out, it is literally the most painful thing a person can experience. It is like being ripped into two. But all the pain is nothing once you see the child that came from you. As the child grows up, mom is always the person most searched for. Without mom, the house is in danger of being burned down. Women these days have their careers as well, just like men, but their roles as a mother will never be something men can fill in, no matter what life time it is.